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 Chapter 6 questions 1-5

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Chapter 6 questions 1-5 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 6 questions 1-5   Chapter 6 questions 1-5 I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 18, 2010 9:18 am

1. Discuss and explain the 2 dentitions and when they occur

Primary dentition: develops during the prenatal period (6-7 Week), embryonic and fetal periods and it consists of 20 teeth

permanet dentition: forms during the fetal period , teeth begin to erupt by age 6 and consists of 32 teeth, they gradually erup and replace primary dentition

2. name and explain the 3 dentition period

primary dentition period:
eruption takes place in chronological order, teeth are shed as jaws mature and grow

permanent dentition period: the succedaneous permanet tooth erups into the oral cavity in a position lingual to the roots of the shedding or shed primary tooth.

mixed dentition period:
overlapping period between primary and permanent debtition during the preteen years.

3. what id ondogenesis, how does the process occur?

ondogenesis: the process of tooth development
there is no clear-cut or end point between stages, it is a continous process
after inititation of ondogenesis identifiable stages in tooth development iclude the bud stage, the cap stage and the bell stage.
ondogenesis the progresses to the apposition stage with the formation and maturation of hte hard dental structures, such as enamel, dentin, and cementum

4. what occurs during the initiation stage, what tissues are involved?
main process: induction
ectoderm lining stomodeum give rise to oral epithelium and then dental lamina, agjacent to deeper ectomesenchyme, which is influenced by the meural crest cells, both tissues are separated by a basement membrane

tissues involved:
oral epithelium
dental lamina

5. what development disturbances can occur during the inintiation stage?

anodontia-----absence of single or multiple teeth
supernumerary teeth----development of one or more extra teeth

if there is anything missing that you guys think is important please let me know
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Chapter 6 questions 1-5
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