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 Chapter 6 Questions 45-48

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Chapter 6 Questions 45-48 Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 6 Questions 45-48   Chapter 6 Questions 45-48 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 21, 2010 6:29 am

45. How does the permanent tooth erupt into the oral cavity, and what process is involved?

Permanent teeth erupt when the reduced enamel epitheliumfuses with the oral epithelium to create tissue that degenerates leaving an epithelium lined eruption channel. Permanent dentition actively erupts chronologically like primary dentition. As permanent dentition erupts, odontoclasts causes resorption of the primary root. Succedaneous teeth erupt lingual to the primary successor except for maxillary incisors which erupt facially.

46. What can happen with traumatic injury during the eruption of the permanent dentition and how can it be prevented?

Traumatic injury during eruption can cause disruption the root formation causing the tooth to not properly anchor, or cause the dislodging of the eruption dentition. Sport bite guards are recommended for children active in all types of sports.

47. Describe the developmental disturbances that can happen during tooth eruption.

Follicular cysts or , dentigerous cyst is formed from the REE after the crown has completely formed and matured. When these cysts become larger, they may cause displaced teeth, jaw fracture, and pain. Cysts must be surgically removed because they may become neoplastic.
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Chapter 6 Questions 45-48
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